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The Diarist is the new audio drama podcast by Donna Barrow-Green. Set in 1950s NYC. Andrea Davies --a young secretary-- is a fish surrounded by sharks. Follow her story -an escalating psychological drama--over 18 episodes. "Highly Bingeable" "Addictive" 

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Nov 5, 2018

*Listener Discretion - Deals with issues of violence.

Andrea is stuck on an island of isolation as Richard swims away--fast and steady as sharks do. She becomes consumed with Margaret's diaries. She's found an unoccupied storage room in the basement of her apartment building. She ventures into a grave to read the words of a dead woman. Andrea is plagued by one thought. "I'm not Margaret." She always corrects herself. "I'm not Margaret...yet."


The Diarist is written by Donna Barrow-Green

Co-Produced by Donna Barrow-Green, Beth Ricketson, & Ryan Bowen

Co-Directed by: Donna Barrow-Green & Beth Ricketson


Beth Ricketson

Ryan Bowen

Corinne Elena

Darlene Sorenson

Eric Schenwind

Nikki Flynn

Pierson Rintz

Heather Dowling

Shelly Bryant

Emerson McRaven

Sound by Donna Barrow & Ben Green (consultant)

(c) 2018 - All Rights Reserved


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