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The Diarist is a psychological drama exploring the alluring side of power and sexual attraction. Andrea Davies hopefully enters the paradoxical world of 1950s womanhood but she soon veers into an increasingly menacing extramarital affair with Richard Hayes, a dominant ad executive. However, the Diarist is no 50 shades of gray, more like a Hitchcock Love Story with a dose of David Lynch. The story starts innocently enough but soon turns bizarre as the inner worlds of the characters are revealed. The Diarist immerses listeners into the 1950s world of Madison Avenue advertising. Secrets are exposed, darkness descends, and for Andrea all roads appear to lead to a harrowing fate.

Created by: Donna Barrow-Green, Co-Produced by Donna Barrow-Green, Beth Ricketson, Ryan Bowen . Starring: Beth Ricketson, Ryan Bowen, Corrine Elena, Darlene Sorenson, Eric Schniewind, Nikki Flynn, Heather Dowling, Pierson Rintz, Shelly Bryant, Emerson McRaven
Sound Engineering by Donna Barrow-Green & Ben Green. Creative consulting: Chad Thumann.



Feb 21, 2019

Enjoy this stand alone bonus episode! Hear all your favorite Diarist actors live with foley sound effects. The live show was recorded in Portland Oregon at the Twilight Theater as part of Portland Radio Theater Live! (with Exoplanetary and Willamette Radio Workshop.) 

Written by: Donna Barrow-Green

Produced by: Jacin Harter

Directed by: Beth Ricketson

Foley / Sound Director: Pierson Rintz

Sound Engineer: Martin John Gallagher

Visual Design: Joe R. Medina

Foley Engineers: Nikki Flynn & Pierson Rintz



Beth Ricketson, Andrea

Ryan Bowen, Richard

Shelly Bryant, Lucy & Various

Darlene Sorenson, Ellen & Mother

Eric Schneiwind, Father & Steven

Nikki Flynn, Margaret & Various

live show