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 Created by Donna Barrow-Green, The Diarist is  a chilling thriller set in the stylized world of 1950s New York City. Hailed as "if Hitchock had written a love story" (Geek Girl Authority) and "runner up for dark workplace drama" (Radio Public).  The Diarist is the story of a naive and attentive  secretary, Andrea Davies. When Andrea submits to a lurid affair with her boss -the charismatic psychopath Richard Hayes- she enters a web of sadism and deception. Richard fits the bill for the "perfect" 1950s man, but Andrea's hubris and curiosity soon leads her to his twisted, intimate marriage to wife Margaret. Margaret is a ghostly, shut-in "psychotic" with secrets that can destroy Richard's plans for Andrea and jeopardize Andrea's  dream of Happily Ever After." At times riveting, light, funny, and terrifying, The Diarist is an addictive, bingeable bizarre love story. 


Beth Ricketson
Ryan Bowen
Corrine Elena
Darlene Sorenson
Eric Sorenson
Nikki Flynn
Heather Coe
Pierson Rintz
Shelly Bryant
Emerson McRaven
Sound Engineering by Donna Barrow-Green & Ben Green

Nominated for four 2018 Audio Verse Awards and average 5 star review. 

Featured on KBOO Radio.

Special recording of 2018 Live Show in Portland Oregon

Panelist on upcoming Northwest Comi-con 2019

“I spent 2 days BINGE listening to this and I absolutely love it!"

"Trigger Warning for Narcisitic Gaslighting."

"Duuuude I love this show!"

"THE DIARIST is a frank and emotional look at the darkness within the human heart."

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Aug 8, 2018

NOTE: Episode 13 contains mild sexual content. May not be suitable for all listeners. Discretion is advised. 


Despite her guilt--and she had quite a lot of it--Andrea was going to stand by Richard. After all she would be his wife soon. That's what women do. As for Margaret? Well she should have known better than to try to befriend Andrea. Andrea was the last person she should have trusted. 

End Content:

At the end of Episode 13 you will find an audio note from Donna Barrow-Green with a special thank you to the actors & crew of The Diarist --it was about time you got to know them a little better :) Donna also shares some of her old and new favorite podcasts and talks about what's next for The Diarist & The Diarist team!!!

Episode 13 features:

Beth Ricketson as Andrea Davies

Ryan Bowen as Richard Hayes

Eric Scheiwind as Father

Heather Dowling as Elizabeth

Nikki Flynn as Sales Girl

Corinne Elena as Margaret

The Diarist company also includes: Darlene Sorenson, Pierson Rintz, Emerson McRaven

Link to Donna Barrow-Green's Interview with Rev. Jay Grayce of Rape Declaration Forum WBAI NYC. (after 8/12)

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