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The Diarist is the new audio drama podcast by Donna Barrow-Green. Set in 1950s NYC. Andrea Davies --a young secretary-- is a fish surrounded by sharks. Follow her story -an escalating psychological drama--over 18 episodes. "Highly Bingeable" "Addictive" 

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Aug 11, 2018

** This bonus content is stand alone so listening to the whole series is not required. However, if you are a Diarist fan then this will add to the story! 

Sit in on a lecture with Dr. Walter Freeman the world's most famous lobotomist in the 1940s and 1950s. This lecture is based on an actual peer-reviewed journal article in the Yale Medical Review in the 1940s. Dr. Freeman (played by Pierson Rintz) provides a short lecture in this film and then introduces a successful lobotomy subject to the class, Miss Dorothy Linden (played by Darlene Sorenson). You may remember Miss Linden -- or Dotty as an old friend of Margaret Hayes, one who in episode 13 Richard claimed never existed.

If you are fascinated by this chilling subject check out this incredible lecture & video by Dr. Miriam Posner "The visual Culture of Lobotomy"

From Dr. Posner's website "My work on Freeman focuses on a less well-known aspect of his career. The neurologist was also an avid photographer, obsessively documenting his patients before and after their procedures. Freeman also made a series of films showing lobotomies and their effects. After he stopped performing lobotomies in the early 1960s, Freeman crossed the country in his van (nicknamed the Lobotomobile), tracking down former patients and snapping their photographs."